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Photo Retouching - Professional Photographers In One Place

Photo Edting Prices by Prinkshots

This page includes our price list for all retoucing services we provide. If you were looking for professional retouch for cheap price, you found the perfect place. The prices for image retouching services from Prinkshots are reasonable and stable. Do not forget to mention all instructions, additional changes to the photographs which should be fixed. You are welcome to choose the most suitable tasks from five retouching packages for professional photographers listed below. Prinkshots also provides special packages for beginning shooters and even have Lightroom presets for them. You pay for the services by American dollars but we can accept international charges via PayPal.

Photo Editing Services List Price per photo Photo Editing Services included
Basic Photo Retouching $2 Basic changes of the color and toning, light portrait editing (nose, eyes, hair, cheeks, etc.), image cropping.
Pro Photo Retouching $5 Colors brightening, beauty portrait fixing up, figure & face reshaping, improving the background, adding HDR effects.
High End Photo Retouching $10 Colors brightening, beauty portrait fixing up, figure & face reshaping, improving a back ground, adding HDR effects supplement.
Extra Photo Retouching $15 Artistic image post processing, experiences back ground manipulations, natural head swap if it’s needed, deep color compensation
Photo Manipulation &Restoration $25 Creative or funny portrait edit, making digital drawings, natural photo montage, comic pictures creating.

5 Photo Editing levels – How to choose the top one which satisfies in full?

If you’ve decided to refer us and make use of our services, everybody is welcome to choose the package you like the most. Below there is information about what is the main difference between all levels, how to understand which one you should choose. Which stages each one consists of? How much should you pay? What are the main benefits of choosing our qualified team you can find below.

 Basic Retouching Level – Light, Quick, High-Grade

This type of retouch is mainly chosen by wedding & amateur photographers, vusually they don’t require deep professional photo post processing plus artistic changes. If you choose this Basic Level, without doubts you will see basic colors will be adjusted, exposition plus contrast will be also fixed. The second main part of post processing is a basic retouching of people which includes teeth whitening, red eyes effect removing.


It offers very low photo retouching fees for this type of work – $2 per image.

  Pro Retouching Level – Perfect, Briefly, Supreme

The more advanced package is under the Pro name which means “Professional”. It will usually suit people who want careful post processing of their works plus demand individual approach. Our managers and retouchers pay much efforts even to the small details: skin smoothening, figure retouch step, lighting, colors & tones adjustment, and background enhancement. These services are often used by the portrait photographers.


The following photo editing rates for this Pro retouch are very budget-friendly – you need just to pay $5 per image edited.

  High End Retouching Level

Every professional photographer worked with this style of modern post processing. If you work in magazine or fashion photography industry, you know the meaning of the word “High End”. This word combination can be understood as something higher in price and of better quality than most others. It will suit those who need a deep image post processing but do not have enough time for it by their own. The rate for exactly this type is higher because the digital retouchers pay additional attention to a lot of details. It requires more time spent by the retoucher on each of your images. High End will definitely touch all the photograph’s angles – skin and body, color & balance change, background improving and adding High Dynamic Range effects.


This master package consists of many techniques, that’s why its fee is $10 per image.

  Extra Retouching Level – Unusual, New, Natural

There is a way of editing which gives an opportunity to change the picture as much as it can be. It covers the techniques from the basic Retouching Level but it is full of the additional photo manipulations. Usually the clients ask to replace the background, change the heads or other parts of the body or even add special things to the face, figure, skin, etc. You can ask to add shadows or change toning, merge photos, add or delete elements, even strangers from the background.


The price for such difficult Extra level is quite low – just $15 per image retouched.

  Extra Retouching Level – Unusual, New, Natural

It is the most expensive service we provide and it costs its money. This level of image editing includes photo manipulations, photomontage, damaged photo enhancement as you can read from its name. Every customer is welcome to order any kind of photo manipulation he/she wants. Pro Level of retouching and background manipulation are included to the price.


The charge for this service starts from $25 and depends on the task you have for our retouchers.

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